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Story: An important lesson learned in life

The Journey of Self-Discovery: Embracing Growth and Authenticity

I stand before you, a person defined by achievements, yet questioning the true essence of success. Today, I’m sharing my journey of self-discovery, in hope this may help others unravel the layers of our identity, embrace growth, and find authenticity. It is a journey, not a singular point.

The Roots: Ambition & Perfectionism

My story begins in a humble Romanian village in Communism. Hardship was an everyday reality. Raised by grandparents. Full-time working parents could visit twice a month, when odd car numbers allowed weekend drives. I’ve learned the values of grit, and drive from an early age. But as I reflect upon my journey, I question if these accomplishments alone bring true fulfillment.

Village life

Childhood memories of my mother's beating me taught me the importance of independence and the avoidance of mistakes at any cost. Perfectionism, worry, and paranoia became my armor. Left emotionally exhausted and hindering my personal relationships. Great for my cybersecurity job.

The Pivotal Moment

2013, I recall standing on a bridge in Düsseldorf, tears streaming down my face, contemplating the insignificance of my existence. Ready to jump. This pivotal moment awakened within me the courage to live and learn. Jumping was just another form of cowardice. Battling depression, anxiety, and imposter syndrome, I navigated a new job in Switzerland. It was here I found solace and support in a partner, finally able to be my authentic self with him in my life.

Fear and Potential

While my personal journey is in a good place, my professional life still yearns for alignment with my passion for addressing climate change. Fear of failure has held me back from reaching my true potential. I question my capability to lead others and whether I possess the integrity to step aside if necessary. I wake up every day, look in the mirror and ask myself: “Why should anybody be led by you?”

Belonging and Independence

As an expat, I have felt detached from friends and family. My family is often my team. I yearn to understand how these dynamics impact my career. Can interdependence replace the loneliness that sometimes accompanies independence? This struggle drives me to seek answers, trying to forge meaningful connections.

The Transformative Quest

The journey of self-discovery is not a linear path. It requires unraveling the layers of our identity to reveal our authentic selves. With unwavering determination, the support of loved ones, and the lessons from my past, I embark on this transformative quest.



I invite each of you to reflect on your own journeys of self-discovery. Embrace growth, find authenticity. Navigate uncharted territory with resilience, peacefulness of mind, humility, and integrity. Together, let us embark on this compelling journey of self-discovery, empowering ourselves to create a brighter, more meaningful future.

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